Project Summary
This Autumn Appreciation Kit is a creative exercise including in the RFP for then new potential client Scooter's Coffee. In crafting Scooter's Coffee's autumn customer appreciation kit, I embraced two distinct design approaches. Firstly, drawing inspiration from the serif font on the brand's detailed, boutique, and elegantly nostalgic logo, I meticulously hand-drew sophisticated illustrations and graphics. These elements, characterized by rich textures and organic strokes, echoed the timeless charm of Scooter's Coffee, infusing the kit with a sense of refined nostalgia. Secondly, I embraced simplicity through playful geometry and icon-style graphics, capturing the essence of the brand's smiley face mascot. 
The client was thoroughly impressed, and my designs played a pivotal role in securing Scooter's Coffee's business. This fusion of sophistication and playfulness not only exceeded expectations but also underscored my understanding of the brand's intricate aesthetic. This project not only showcased HALO's commitment to creative excellence but also solidified a fruitful partnership with Scooter's Coffee.​​​​​​​
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