Project Summary: 
For the 2023 HALO's holiday inbox, I contributed to art direction and provided designs that maximized its impact as a key sales tool for account executives. The designs elevated the presentation of high-quality merchandise to a new level of trendiness and sophistication. The holiday inbox, which curates a compelling array of high-quality merchandise, captivated clients' attention and underscore HALO's brand promotion and design expertise, 
Following extensive research into 2023 consumer behavior and design trends, I crafted three distinct art direction options for the holiday inbox. With a strategic view on maximizing impact, I meticulously designed and packaged the products using fitting colors for then social atmosphere. This resulted in a holiday inbox that not only impressed clients and account executives but also significantly boosted interest and engagement. Ultimately, this project contributed to enhancing HALO's brand awareness and driving holiday sales to new heights.
My role: 
- Leveraging extensive trend research, I crafted design themes and messaging that resonated positively with our client base while aligning seamlessly with the holiday atmosphere of 2023.
- I proactively presented design options and revisions, driving the project forward even amid limited information. I ensured seamless collaboration with multiple stakeholders, fostering an environment conducive to creative exchange.
- Upholding open communication channels, I promptly addressed changes and coordinated with team members and vendors to meet imprint requirements and project milestones, ensuring smooth progress and adherence to the highest standards of quality. [AD]
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