Every year, HALO Branded Solutions creates the Summer Look book to share hottest trends and product ideas for seasonal activities and gifts. For 2021, I was responsible for designing the products under the theme Backyard BBQ
I first explored graphics and patterns based on the art direction, and then applied them to products of choice and creating realistic life-style images.
Art Director: Brooke Showalter
(items displayed here are not from original deck. If you'd like to see the product ideas from the look book, click button below) 
Graphic Assets Exploration

Hand-drawn BBQ illustrations in Procreate then vectorized in Ai

Product Ideas Mockups
HALO holiday look book is the most important sales tool for our account team to pique clients' interest in ordering holiday merchandise. It also showcases HALO's capability in product sourcing and custom design. 
I participated in product design for the 2021 holiday look book, creating themed patterns and graphics to be applied on both product and packaging. 
Graphics Exploration
Mockups and Presentation

Design by Wei (Vivian) Tan, Mockups and presentation by Brooke Showalter and Heather

Design by Wei (Vivian) Tan, mockups and presentation by Brooke Showalter and Heather

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