Project Background
Hugolog is a new brand providing smart lock products in the consumer electronics industry. The target customer segment of Hugolog is 20 - 55 years old home owners in the Unite States. Its website is published in early June 2020.
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The "How it Works" page is used to give a general introduction of the smart lock system, as well as educating users on the advantages of using smart lock. This page should deliver the concept of smart lock clearly and engagingly. Audience of this page will be able to grasp the idea of smart lock easily, and develop an interest in adapting the smart lock usage into their life.
Performance After Launch (in 2 weeks)
- Page Average View Time:  00:05:06 (the longest of all the pages in the website)
- Bounce Rate:  27%  (the Second Lowest of the all the pages, right behind the most popular item's product detail page.)
- Content strategy, Building Information Architecture, Copy writing
- UX/UI Design, Visual Assets Creation (Images and video production)
- HTML/CSS and JavaScript Coding
1. Business Objectives Setup & Marketing Goals Setup 
2. Research & Competitor Analysis 
3. Information Architecture Build Up
4. Page UI Design 
5. Front-end Development 
6. Visual Assets Development
7. Event tracking tools implementation

THE Illustrations & icons  

Keep Track of Lock History

Temporary Guest Access

Setup Multiple PINs

Remote Unlock Via Phone

Final Deliverable
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