Why we need this?
Pain Point 1:  "Why do I need to verify again?"
My debit card keeps declining my transactions. I received email notices and app notices to verify those transactions, but there I cannot directly solve the issue by replying or clicking on those notices.
I have to call my bank to resolve the issue. And they told me the only way to verify my identity without calling the bank is enrolled into text notifications and verify via texts. While their text notification program is not very responsive and today I received a notice saying I failed to enroll into their text notification program.
Goal 1: One-tap verify and pay
An payment solution with built-in verification that allows users to quickly verify those transactions without calling the bank or enrolled in any notification programs.
Pain Point 2:  "My card is not close-by"
I like online shopping while I am lying in bed before sleep. I don't have my credit cards or debit card with me at hand. I don't want to get up and get my card to pay, nor do I want to save my card information on those eCommerce website. I want to place the order without getting my physical card or leaving my payment info online.
Goal 2: Pay with cash, but without physical cash
A payment solution that doesn't require a physical card, or saved payment info.
The Solution: Finger print & Facial Recognition Payment
Payment is made when either the finger print or the face is recognized as the credit card, debit card or payable account owner. Physical card is no long needed. Payment info form is filled automatically when your face or finger print is recognized.
Scenario 1
- When the user is using a computer without webcam to make purchase
A link will be sent from the payment system to the user's phone number that's related to the bank account or credit card. When click on the link, the camera on the mobile will be turned on and the user can then finish placing the order. 
- Follow-up 1 : What if the user doesn't have his/her phone nearby?
The user can authorized other's mobile to complete the purchase. The link will be sent to the phone number of the user's friend. The friend confirms that he will allow the user to use his phone. The user can then use other's mobile phone's camera to finish the purchase. Or, just get the card out and do it the old-fashion way.
- Follow-up 2 : What if the user is and will be totally alone for a while, but the purchase has to be made now?
A link will be sent to an email address input by the user. The user can then open that link on any device that has a camera or a finger print verification device, and finish the purchase on that device. Or again, take the card out and type.
Scenario 2
- When the user is lying in bed, with lights-off, and the camera can see nothing 
Please use the finger-print verify-and-pay option
- Follow-up: What if the finger-print sensor is broken, or the user's hand is wet?
How about dry your hands before going to bed?
Pay and verify with your face
Pay and verify with your face
Pay and verify with your finger print
Pay and verify with your finger print
Privacy Concern
People don't want to save their face information in a commercial business database which exists in the WWW
Legal Limitation
USA government has strict limitation on facial info and iris info.
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