Brand: Southwest Airlines | 2022
Clients asked for new T-shirt ideas for their brand central. These culture tees are printed with graphic templates that allowed individual teams within the corporate to customize with their unique information like establish year, area code and location.
For the team culture tee and new city tee, I developed a collection of graphics that are inspired by vintage baggage tag, travel stamps as well as plane windows. 
Art Direction: Wei (Vivian) Tan  | Designer: Wei (Vivian) Tan
Brand: Organic Valley | 2022
Influencer Kit product and design ideas for  RFP
Art Director: Jackie Gielow | Designer: Wei (Vivian) Tan
Brand: Capital One - Retail Bank Tech group | 2021
Merchandise design ideas for an RFP
Art Director: Andra Larson | Designer: Wei (Vivian) Tan, Naomi Skaggs
Brand: HALO Branded Solutions | 2022 Q4
Packaging and client gift visual assets for different individual account executive teams
Art Direction & design: Vivian Tan
Brand: TMO | 2021 - 2022
Packaging and merchandise concepts
Art Director: Beau Greener
Brand: Lowes | 2021
Merchandise design ideas for an RFP
Art Director: Jessie Orvidas | Designer: Wei (Vivian) Tan
Brand: Smile Doctors | 2021
Merchandise design ideas for an RFP 
Art Director: Jessie Orvidas | Designer: Wei (Vivian) Tan, Matt Empson
Brand: Target | 2021
Pride theme, seasonal and evergreen merchandise designs. ( Items and graphics below are for ideation only, not actual merchandise) 
Art Director: Brianna Johnson
Designer: Wei (Vivian) Tan
Brand: Burger King | 2022
Client came to us for fun summer tee ideas.
Art Director: Mimi Mullenax | Designer: Wei (Vivian) Tan
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