Chores Magnet Set

How the magnets should be placed on the refrigerator

The purpose of these magnet sets is to remind my household members to do chores. Member 1 is represented by Rowlet, member 2 is represented by Torchic.
The design of the magnets are inspired by Pokemon, which both my boyfriend and I enjoy. Rowlet is my first pokemon, and Torchic is his. On the round magnets, the Rowlet wears Blaziken's costume; and the Torchic wears Decidueye's costume.
For the chore magnets, I tried to create comical effect by drawing pokemons doing housework. 
Let's hope our home get cleaner and cozier!
Back to Office Laptop Sleeve
I moved to Seattle 2021 for a new job. At that time people began to think COVID-19 was about to end and things would get back to normal soon. Well, we all knew what happened...
Since my new role is a designer for branded merchandise, I decided to design my own "merchandise". What would I need for working back in the office? A laptop sleeve.
This design was based on my impression of Seattle, mixed with some of my personal experience of living here.
This design was originally for a telecommunication giant on the west coast. In the end they decided to use a different design of mine. I personally like the kaleidoscope style a lot so I modified the design a bit for my own laptop sleeve. 
The Aftermath of Falling for a Killer
In November, 2021 I watched a documentary called Ted Buddy: Falling for a Killer. It's an interview with Ted Buddy's long term girlfriend Elizabeth Kendall.
During the whole interview, Liz, now a woman in her late years with a confused and timid look, has tilted her head to her left shoulder, as if there is certain entity perches on the other side. 
Liz daughter mentioned that during the last days of Ted, the serial killer had sent Liz a letter claiming he had found god. At that time, Liz had turned to religion to deal with the trauma left by being Ted's girlfriend. Liz daughter burned that letter without telling her mother about it. 
The interviewer then asked Liz, what would possibly happen if Liz had read that letter. Upon hearing that question, Liz suddenly jerked her head upright, though she didn't utter a word.
I was really intrigued by that sudden movement of her head. It feels like something quickly pulled a string on her head when that question is asked. Trauma of emotional abuse is a haunting nightmare. 
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